What we grow



A higher alpha acid hop used mostly for bittering (ours range from 9-11%) with a herbal aroma.


Our range of 7-9% alpha acid content is higher than standard.  Cascade have a flowery and citrusy aroma, and ours are are also described as "piney".   Northern Maine terroir...


Relatively high (ours range from 9– 12% alpha acid) hop with floral and citrus tones.  Sometimes called “super Cascade”.  Our Centennial are highly fragrant, and are often described as "spicy".


A triploid seedling of Fuggle (ours range from 4-6% alpha acid).  The aroma is mild and pleasant, slightly spicy.

Mount Hood

A triploid seedling of the German Hallertauer variety (ours range from 4-6% alpha acid). 

Certified Organic Hops

What does it mean to be "organic"?

Our hops are USDA-accredited organic, certified by the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association (MOFGA).  This means that our hops are grown without using synthetic chemicals, using sustainable farming methods that promote biodiversity and soil health.  We are inspected annually, and all of our inputs, record-keeping, and activities are scrutinized.  As scientists, we are concerned about the negative effect of chemicals in our environment.  We take pride in producing a product that we know has been grown free of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.


Need a copy of our organic certificate?

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Aroostook County, Northern Maine

Why does Aroostook County produce great quality hops?


At 46°N, Northern Maine is in the sweet spot of latitude where hops grow best around the world.  On a hot June day they can grow as much as a foot in one day!  Aroostook County’s temperature, ample rainfall, and especially its soil makes for excellent growing conditions.  Hops grow naturally in the area, and we’ve even found plants that are descendants of hops farms that stopped production sometime during or after Prohibition.